28 February 2009

Gotong Royong

My school held gotong royong today
I went to school early in the morning
Once i reached, just couldn't believe that there were so many people
Wootsss ______
I coudn't find QM's line, straight went to SQM room
I found them .. !!

Started to clean up
We took out all the things inside the room
Damn many rubbish inside there
Bottles, papers ..
A shoe, not a pair ..
A bottle with a sock .. disguted

After that, Swing and I went to taman angkat
To help Je Pin, Kuik, Ming Wei and Jwen
Guess what,
They were planting dragon fruits .. farmer !!
Je Pin kept playing water while we asked him to water the plants
He poured the water on us .. !!
I shocked when he poured the water at my back
Jwen laughed at me because i looked funny ...
My whole body jumped .. ??

Swing and i went to our class
Saw them were busy playing art on the notice board
We painted the water colour on our hand and pasted on the card
We wrote our name on it too
Mine is yellow ~
Hahas !!

Went back to QM room
I was finding Jwen everywhere because wanted to return her spec
Knew they were at the padang, so went there
Jwen said she wants to apply sun block
She ran way with Ming Wei and leave me under the big sun
Heartless .. !!

Backed to SQM room again ..
Felf hungry and went to canteen to buy burgers with Adeline
Saw Dixon and Swee Ee but din say HI to them
Put a lot of chilies on it, but no feeling hot
Not enough .. ??

When we were eating, Ming Wei said
" Yor ~ i feel hungry too, i want to eat too, diu ~ "
After i ate, Ming Wei asked me bought 2 for him
And Adeline wanted one more
Damn many people looked at me because there was 3 burgers on my hand
They thought this girl sure crazy eat so many burgers
Please lar, i am not so kuat makan punya .. although i am

Went back home at 12pm
By taking bus
Tired today


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Eating apple
Waiting you

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