25 February 2009


Hey you this stupid .. !!
Just stop thinking those stupid, funny and impossible things
Can't you just stop thinking of him .. !!

You are damn damn damn stupid lar man
Just please don't fooling yourself anymore

You miss him .. ??
Yea i know
But did he .. ??

Useless !!

He just still can't forget about her
He just still
Missing her .. ??

Maybe he is getting bored to you .. ??
You don't know what he is feeling
But yes i do know what is your feeling
Pain like kena heart attack
Grrr ~

He won't love you
Just give him up
Don't make yourself hurted
It's brainless to love someone that is impossible to love you
Don't say nothing is impossible
Bull shit .. !!

Feel want to scold you
Wake up babe please .. !!

I am the girl
I am talking myself
Yes i am
Laugh at me babe .. !!
Just laugh at me

I love you

1 comment:

Thong Yen said...

support u babe ^^
mayb it's da time to let go
good luck :)