02 March 2009

Go On Girl ~

Just received a bad news from you
You said you are going to left us
Hmm ..
Actually not at all
Just you are going to left us in the competition
You are not going to dance with us, you are not going to join us on that such important day
Reason .. ??
Just because of your dreams, dance for a MV

Should i say you are selfish .. ??
Because you didn't tell us or discuss with us before you made decision
Everything just happened too suddenly
Phewww _______

I know that this a good chance to show up
And i also know that this chance is hard to get too
Somemore this is your dreams ...
Hmmm ...
It's okay lar girl ~ !!
Hahas !!

You prepared for this competiton just only few months
But you prepared for this MV adi 3 years ..
You tried so hard to achieve your dreams
Then now finally gt the chance
But the unfortunately is on the same day
So you have to make decision on which where you want to go
At last you decided to go there, not here ..

Support you lar .. !!
Even you didn't join us that day
But the champion will belong to us !!
Wootsss _______

We will try our best
We will take be the champion
We will send you the good news

We are the best babe .. !!

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You are the best for me
Apple ~ !!

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