22 February 2009

Happy Day ` `

21 February 2009
I went to Selayang Mall to see my idol, Khalil Fong
Couldn't believe that my parents followed
Wootsss _____
Once i reached there, saw damn many people
Christine was coming from KLIA
4pm, I saw Khalil Fong was coming with many body guards
My dad said he looks like a small kid

All the fans screaming and shouting like crazy
Not including me, i am not crazy as them
Hahas !!

He sang ' 如果爱 '
Looked like a big small kid singing
Hohohohohohoho .. !!
Love his smile, damn cute ..
Listening to his song, thinking of you again ..

He just sang 1 song only
Damn dissapointed
After that Christine lined up to get his signature with her friends
I don't have his album
Forget about it
Grrr ~

Bought a new modem, finally ..
Bought a pendrive for myself, finally ..
Repaired my lovely guitar, finally ..

Exam was going to start next week
Sure fail .. !!
God bless me

Try your best too babe
God bless you .. !!

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Long time no see
Long time no chat
Miss you ..

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