25 April 2009


24 April 2009
It was Friday !
I always love Friday !

When having Chinese lesson in class
The " A1 " student in my class, Mr. Chu Liang, kept joking
He made everyone in the class laughed like hell, even teacher

Mr. Chu Liang

" 猜一个成语( draw 4 circles on the white board ) "
" 老师我知道, 四粒圆圈! "
四粒圆圈是成语来的meh ?!

" 老师, 屈原有女朋友吗? "
" 我不知道 "
" 老师, 你知道屈原的弟弟是谁吗? "
" huh ? "
" 屈四方形! "
屈原( 圆)
All of us laughed again

" 做么你酱多问题的? "
" 哪里有 ?! "
" 老师, 这个叫不耻下问 "
" 赶他出去啦老师! "

He talked a lots, but i couldn't rmb
Maybe all of you won't laughing
But if you see his expression and the way he talked
Sure laugh like hell
Hahas !

Skipped Physic lesson today again
Our teacher really doesn't how to teach
I feel lucky because i gt go for tuition

All of us went to class 4L because their class didn't have any teacher
Their class at the new block, Block M
Classroom is bigger than our classroom, hotter than our classroom too
Hahas !

QM meeting after school
Discussed about our carnival
Busy for the preparation of carnival soon, guess so ..

After meeting, went to foyer with Adeline, Jwen and Ah Kuik
Jwen and Ah Kuik taught daibolo at the foyer
Played daibolo at the foyer, just simply play
Learned before, but it was long time ago
7 years ago i think ?
Hahas !
Jwen and Ah Kuik damn pro
Big clap for them
Woohooooo ~

I met Swee Ee and Dixon when i was for the bus
Gave them a big smile before i get into the bus
I smiled from ear to ear

Tmr is Mr.Kang birthday
Omg !
What should i do ?!
Should i accept my Yuh Jiun's opinion ?
Call him and wish him

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God Bless !

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