06 April 2009

It's My Day Anyway !! :D

Well, my blog finally back to normal
Woohoooo ~ cheer for me !!
Ps : these was not my works, thnx to Jeanny, love u babe !!

Still got 20 days to go, is Mr.Kang's brithday
It's on Sunday
Hoho !!
Feel like want to celebrate with him ..
But ..
Yor !! paiseh ...
Forget about it, i think i won't gt the chance

Want to give him something special
Seems he gave me something meaningful on my birthday
Aaaaaaa ~ thinking
Ok lar, i decided want to give you my whole body !!
Joking .. xD
I think you also don't want even free for you
Hoho !!

Singing competiton !! 2 more weeks to go
Damn nervous lar weyhh ____
My classmates hor, really lack of teamworks
OMG !! please lar you all ..
Just give some cooperation

Someone in 4B class Low us !!
That someone said we are going to lose
No matter how hard we did, we are going to lose on that day
OMG !!
Fuck you all !!
Just keep your mouth shut
Shhh _______
Grr !!
Nah nah nah ~!! o0o

Raining now
I love sunny anyway !!

I wear a big sunglass, den lying on the grass
Rise my hand up to the sky
Fall asleep in someone's hug
Hoho !! dreaming ..

POCKA DOTS Pictures, Images and Photos
Everything just like this !!

I miss him badly !!

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