12 April 2009

My tuition had been canceled today
Great !
The reason was my teacher's husband went to the hospital because heart attack
Omg ! God bless him
Hope he will get well soon

Woke up at 10.30am and straight away switched on my Toshiba
Well he didn't on9 in the early morning
Btw i found Kido !
Good, i nudged him and started to distrub him
Muahahahahahahaha !
I love this fella very much

Bathed and had my breakfast and lunch
Breakfast + lunch = breaklunch
I rmb he told me like that before

He still didn't on9 in the afternoon
Started to feel a bit dissapointed
Usually he on9 in the afternoon every Sunday
Decided to wait him until evening

I sms him last night
He didn't reply me again ..
Maybe he is quite busy recently
Maybe his hp stolean by others again
Maybe his hp gt problems and
Maybe and maybe and maybecan't received my msg
Maybe his hp don't have credit

Trying hard to find some reasons
And fooling myself

Recently addicted to this song
Self Inflicted by Katy Perry
I can't stop
I don't care if i lose
Baby you are the weapon i choose
These wounds are self inflicted

It was 4.10pm in the evening
I became more dissapointed !
Great !
He made me crazy again ...

It is 4.30pm now
He on9 finally !
But he didn't find me
He is watching DVD
Great !

Well i am spechless

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I hate myself when you ignore me

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