16 May 2009


15 May 2009
Well, today is Friday
This week was exam week, and i did revision !
I was so damn hardworking !

After having BM paper, asked Miss Yip about my chemistry paper
Wow ~ she said i gt 32/50
I was so happy and satisfied to my result

Stayed back again !
Went out to the mamak near our school to eat
Saw them stayed back too
Adeline and I ajak Meen Dar came along to with us

Reached there, I wanted to eat roti canai, while Adeline wanted to eat ice kacang
Well, let's accompanied Meen Dar bought some breads from King's
Then Adeline makan ice
At last was my turn !
Went Ali Food Corner and makan roti canai !

Unfortunately or lucky ?
We met them there
Dixon, Ee, Thean, Marcus, Aaron, Jun Yang and Chun Kiat
Did i left anyone ?
Hahas !

Meen Dar was so paiseh to go there
I know that she felt happy to see Him, but she felt nervous and shy
Ala ~ hard to describe the feeling
And i don't know how to describe too

Ordered roti telur and a cup of Milo ice for Meen Dar
Looking at Thean, and he was kept smiling to me
I knew he was trying to mention something to me
Ignored him

Aaron was telling something very funny
I think it was about how the Chinese bow when they meet the king
Adeline and I couldn't stop laughing

Finished and paid the bill, went back to the school
Did the revision with them at school's astaka
Kuik brought her daibolo
I stop doing the stupid Biology revision and started playing
Hahas !
Kuik was forced to show some kills
Well, she is damn Pro !

4pm, waited for the bus with Ah Zhu !
Talked a lot craps with him
On the bus, saw a woman
Wow ~ she was so damn colourful
Ah Zhu asked me stop laughing
If not she will come over me and kissed me
Choi ! Touch wood ~

Reached home !
On9 immediately after bathed and having my dinner
Chatted a lot with Thean today !
Well, he is my best boy friend
Sorry if someday i fallen in love with you
Joking ! don't be serious !

Here's the bad new
Maybe i am going soon
Going to somewhere far away from here
Just maybe, man !

I wish the feeling will more than that

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Hope he will miss me silently

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