12 May 2009

Mother's Day !

9 May 2009
Well today is Mothers' Day Eve and also Wesak Day
At night, went out and celebrated with my mum
Today was her Big Day, so she would decided what to eat tonight

She decided want to go to the Korean Restaurant to have the dinner
But once we reached there, damn a lot of ppl and we had to wait for the seat
So we changed our plan and went to the other restaurant
Ok, this restaurant is my aunty's friend's restaurant

Reached there, not many ppl, but still gt many, but nt many
Ordered the food and while waiting for the food, we kept taking pics
And here is some pics that we took

And i forget to take a pic with my mum !

My brother and my Dad ( feel weird when i saw my dad posed Peace ! )

My Sister and My Dad =)

My eyes almost blind seemed my sister set the flash mode

My sister and I ( doesn't look alike lar ! )

After finished the dinner, it was already 9.30pm
Well my brother still wanted to go to pasar malam
What a crazy fella ?!
But still gt a lot of ppl jalan-jalan at there
Jalan-jalan til 10pm something, then my brother was willing to go back home
Changed my clothes and continued my Sejarah revision again !

I am getting better now !

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