20 May 2009

Exam ~ !

Well, it's has been long time i din update my blog
Hmm, just 4 days, but quite long ago for me
Hahas !

Last week was exam week
And this week is the last week !
Still gt 2 days to go, then the war will end
Woohoooo ~
Going to celebrate on Friday or just go back home and sleep ?!
Can't decide .

16 May 2009
Wow ~ Meen Dar bought a new electric guitar !

White colour is cool !
Somemore she is going to learn electric guitar
Play for me after u learn
Hahas !

17 May 2009
Marcus's birthday !
Well, i am going to explain that he is not Marcus Lai
He is not the only guy named Marcus in our school
Somemore, i didn't ... !
Eh, why i have to explain this ?!

The tuition class had been canceled because we were having Biology paper tmr
So, we just asked teacher to canceled it and stayed at home to study
But i on9 for the whole day
If my Biology paper fail, then that's why
Hahas !

20 May 2009
It's today !
Today we having Add Maths and Civic paper
Add Maths sure fail !
Well, used less than 30 minutes to do the Civic paper
Then slept for 1 hour !

My sis cried today !
My sis is a strong girl
I didn't see her cry before, maybe she cries silently in the night
Recently she is too stress
So cheer up, sis !
Everything will be alright

Going to tuition !

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