29 May 2009

The End !

28 May 2009
Today is Thursday
2 more days to go, the school holiday is going to begin
Yeah !

Today was the important day for all the teachers in my school
Yea, it was Teachers' Day today
I was not going to miss it, because i would like to see all the performances

I realized almost more than 10 ppl in my class skipped today
That was why my class damn " many " ppl

Went into the hall, trying hard to sit with Christine them, so that i could get high
But failed, btw, i sat with my Shu Meen Dar !
Hoho !

Well, all the performances were so great !
I love the dancing performed by LPS the most
Kai Hong, Edmund, Edric and 2 unknown
And also daibolo performed by Jwen and Ah Kuik
It was very cool and well done babe !
For the ppl who skipped on that day, all of you missed the shows

After the celebration, went to Meen Dar's class
She brought her beloved electric guitar
It's really cool !

We sang along
Played along
Chatted along
Dar said she likes this kind of feeling
She likes to share her world with all of us

We took a lot of pics too !
One of the pic was Jwen faced staring
Wanna see ?
Unfortunately deleted !

The bell rang
Couldn't wait to go back home !
Home Sweet Home !

29 May 2009
Today is Friday
It is also the last day for school
The school holiday will begin from now on for 2 weeks !
Wooohoooo ~

After the assembly, skipped the Biology lesson
Not only me ok ?!
Chu Liang and Derek too
Sorry, i am not the betrayer !
But Pn.Go wrote our name as " ponteng class "
Wtf ?!

Swing and Xuxu dumped me again !
They went to SQM room gossip and left me alone
Well, i am not alone at all, sseemed Soon Zee kept bully me in class
That fella kept pulling my hair
" Halo ! My hair is short enough ok ?! "

Skipped Physic lesson again !
Went class 3M with Derek he forced me punya
He wanted to see someone
Hiak hiak hiak ______

He asked me to tell something to that girl
I told, but he blamed it on me, because i didn't ask the answer
Kept saying i am stupid and blur
Well, next time you ask by yourself !

Went for SQM meeting after the school
Damn a lot of ppl didn't attend the meeting
Discussed about Pre-Carnival and Carnival's Day
Hope everything going well on that day

Met Suraya and Rivion when waiting for the bus
Sorry Rivion for dumping you !
Saw 2 leng zaiS when going back home
They were same bus as me, that means they live near my house
Wooohoooo ~

Discussed about the gathering with Jeanny and Shu Meen Dar
Here is the result !

Attention to all the class 6A's students, SJK(C) Kepong 2
There will be a gathering at Desa Park City during this holiday
Will update the further information after confirm
Hope all of you will attend !
Any problems, you may ask me, Shu Meen or Jeanny !

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Happy holidays !

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