25 May 2009

Life !

Finally I can on9 !
No connection for last 2 days
Noob ~ !

23 May 2009
Today is Saturday
I felt want to attend Wudo class today, but ytd i called Meen Dar
Seemed she was not free today, and i also didn't want to go alone
So i just canceled it

Woke up at 12 in the noon
Omg ! I was going to late for my art class today !
Rushed into the toilet and bathed
And then rushed to my art class

Reached there, teacher said I have to finish my drawing today
I used almost 2 days to colour this drawing, but still couldn't finish it

I was trying hard to finish it !
And finally, I did it !
Yeah ! I did man !
Well, I used 3 days to finish it

Tadaaaa _______
Here is the drawing
The Crabs !

The Crabs !

Hey pls believe that I did it ?!

Back home and saw Meen Dar msg
She asked me whether i want to go 1U with her
Well, going to have dinner at my uncle's house
So unfortunately i couldn't follow her

24 May 2009
Today is Sunday
Went to 1U with my family after tuition
We reached there at 6pm
Shop a while before having dinner at Sakea Sushi
Continued shopping after that

Met Yi Leng, my little cute classmate at Forever 21
Then met Miss Wong with her husband at Padini
She looked shocked when she met me
Am i look scary ?

Just window shopping and went back home at 10pm
But i swear i will be back !
Hohohohohoho !

25 May 2009
Today is Monday
Get back my Biology paper, Chemistry paper 1 and Maths paper
Biology and Chemistry paper is sucks !
Maths ! 1 mark then i can get A1 !
But it's ok lar, I didn't except I can did such well
Hahas !

There was 2 students from class 4M changed into our class
Yea, Kean Yung and Marcus
Aaron asked me whether i am happy or not
I was like " Lol ? " and gave him a big punch
Aaron, i think you all more excited than me

Hope 2 of you will used to be in our class
Although just temporary

Saw Mr.Kang's blog just now
I am so happy that he updated his blog finally
And also finally he sing

Feel want to ask you
How are you ?

I miss you Pictures, Images and Photos
You make me emo again ! =(


Am i the girl that you mean ?

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