02 June 2009

Boring ? No !

My holidays won't be boring !

30 May 2009
Today is Saturday, and it is also the 1st day of my holidays !
I was going to jogging with my kawans, Christine and Yanni
This was the 1st time went out with Yanni, i think ..

I thought i could sleep until noon on the 1st day of my holiday
But i think couldn't
Woke up damn early in the morning and went to Desa Park City
Sorry because i was being late

Well, the environment is better than the park near my house
But unfortunately we didn't meet any handsome guys

Did we really jogging at there ?!
No !
Because we just jog for 2 or 3 rounds, then we sat there and chatted
After that, went to the playground and played
Woohoooo ~

Went Jusco around 9.30am


" Hey, i want trolley ! "
" == "
" Still kid meh ?! "
" I want to sit inside there ! "
" Ok ~ " pull the trolley out
" Yeah ! " climb up the trolley
Suddenly the trolley crushed to the road !
" Ahhhh ! " Jump out from the trolley
" Ahahahahahaha "
" I dun want to sit that thingy adi ! TT "
" Lol ! "

Lepak lepak inside Jusco until 10am and having breakfast
Christine and Yanni kept talking about Hot dog
Sounds privet

Went back home after breakfast.

31 May 2009
Today is Sunday, it is also the last day of the month of May
Woke up early in the morning Again, because going to Sg Wang with Christine !
But seemed my family wanted to go too, so i asked Christine to come with me

Reached there around 2pm
Separated with my family and shopping with Christine
Well, i left my purse at my house
Wtf ?
I couldn't buy anything without any money

I will be back !
Christine, go back there again after u back from Redang !
Hahas !

Went back home around 5pm
Having dinner with my uncle
And i drunk !

1 June 2009
Today is Monday, it is also the 1st of the month of June
Woke up early in the morning once again
Went to school to do some QM stuff

Reached there before 8am
Lol. I was too early
Saw Jwen few minutes later and followed her to go QM room

Form 3 busy drawing the banner while Form 4 busy painted all the cupboards
My hand and shirt kena the paint
Ish !
Felt damn hungry and Jwen delivered Mcd
Woohooooo ~
Chatted with Brandom while Jwen them gossip together

The sky started to rain around 3.30pm
Brandom and I rushed to the bus stop and took cab to Jusco
He was going to his tuition center but i had to wait for the bus

Reached home finally
Home Sweet Home !

2 June 2009
Today is Tuesday
I didn't wake up early, finally i could sleep till noon

Once i woke up, straight away bathed and had my lunch with my mum, sis and bro
Well, i guess my dad was lonely now
He was on his way to Singapore
But luckily he will be back tonight !
I miss you, Dad !
Hope everything is going well

He is a patient now
He fainted and his eyes became white that time
His heart beat is 2 times faster than us
He did the body check up and now he is waiting for the report
He is afraid and scare to face the truth

Hey, my fren
Don't think so much, everything will be alright
You said you feel something
There is no something, wont be anything
Your girl is waiting for you, don't disappointed her
She is always be with you

I don't want anything happen on you
I promise you, i won't be Lan C to you !

Going to tuition soon
See yar !

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I don't wanna be the loser
I am not the loser
But maybe i am ..

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