25 June 2009

Days and Days .

I am damn lazy to update my bloggie recently, although i am free like hell
Hoho !

20 June 2009
It was Carnival Day for my school today !
Woke up pretty early in the morning and my dad fetched me to school at 6am
Well, i was being late, i reached there at 6.30am something

Prepared the satay with Yanni and curi makan the satay !
Skipped the assembly, but why En Ong still need to talk so much uh ?
Duh ?
All the students came to the field right after the assembly
Damn busy until didn't have the time to leave
I just gave my coupons to my sis, wasted !

Our satay sold out very soon !
After the satay had been sold out, still got a lot of ppl came and wanna buy
But sorry ! Out of stock !
After that, walked around the field to sell the popcorns and lollipops with Kuik and Swing
Thnx Derek for helping us, but you couldn't force ppl to buy from you !

GonnoZaii said he is coming with his friends and accompany me
BUT seemed his friends wore slippers and couldn't come in
So he just went with his friends
Well, disappointed ?
Yea !

Around 11.45am something, we started to clean to stalls
After a small meeting, i straight away went home by taking bus

Reached home !
I am coming, My Bed !

21 June 2009
Today is Fathers' Day !
Well, we didn't celebrate with my dad seemed everyone were busy
My mum looked tired and wanna went home earlier
My sis was preparing for the coming exam
My bro went to my grandmum house and played the PS for the whole day until didn't want to go home
And i was the most free punya !

So, we just having our dinner at Maluri and went home
Pity Daddy .
BUT nvm, i will buy you some chocolates !
I know you like to eat chocolates, because you always rampas with me
Gheeeee ________

Not feeling well
Sore throat.
Ate too many durians last 2 days

24 June 2009
Today is Wednesday
Woke up in the morning and found that i was not feeling well
Well, fever !
Took the medicine, my dad asked me don't go to school
But i still wanna go, stubborn uh ?

Reached school, didn't talk much
Kah Chuah, Swing, and some friends asked me to see doctor
Well, thnx for the caring and i will see the doctor at night
And i think i won't be such lucky to got H1N1

Night, didn't went for tuition
After dinner, my dad fetched me to see doctor
My dad told him that i get fever, sore throat, flu and cough
The doctor seemed very nervous and started to ask me many questions
Lol ?
After checking ...
Don't eat too many durians !
Durians made me sick, nt H1N1
Hiak ~

Went back, and started to do the IMPORTANT stuff
Looked ugly ! Shit .
BUT i had try my best
I just can't wait for that day
Hoho !

25 June 2009
Getting well today, but still not feeling well
Lol. What am i talking about ?

Skipped many lessons today
Moral, Sivik, and Chemistry
Aheem ______

I can't wait for tmr !
Tmr is my Meen Dar's important day
Singing competition and birthday !

Darling, don't be nervous and take it easy
All of us will be there and support you !
And don't go home such early lar, we are going to celebrate with you

And YOU !
If you done what you have promised, i will appreciate very much

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I miss you
My Boy

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