18 June 2009

The Late Post !

14 June 2009
Today is Sunday
Today was the last day for my school holiday
It was also the day for the gathering with my primary classmates
Wow ~ excited sia !

Woke up quite early in the morning and prepared
My dad and mum fetched me went there after having their breakfast
Once i get down from the car, then i saw Zi Qian

Zi Qian, a guy who looks like ... ang mo ?
Mix blooded i mean .
He was my assistant monitor in my class

I kept looking at him, but he ignored me !
Well, think he forgot who i am .

Reached Kluang Station, minta the waiter arranged min 20 tables for me
Seemed quite a lot still haven confirm yet
Well, quite a lot attended this gathering 14 ppl
Honestly, they didn't change much

Jing Zhong, you don't look like a monk anymore !
Your hair grow and got pimples somemore
BUT you still look like a kid

Jun Nian, this is not the 1st time meet you
Met you at the bus before
Well, you are more mature than before, more perasan than before

Pearly, you are prettier than before
And i love your out-fit today !

The guys who attended, your voice become more sexy !
Haha !
The girls who attended, great to see you all !

Jeanny don't worry !
We have our own gathering next time !

Eat my lunch while chit-chatting with them
Damn sorry that didn't take pics with you all, due to my charger spoiled
Ish !
After ate, went to the playground and played
Although it was hot like hell in the noon, but i still enjoyed !
At last, we took a group pic before left
Sorry that i didn't upload

Went Coffee Bean with Meen Dar

Me Me Me ! =)

Me and my Dar ! <3

We Make Love !

LanC face

Me with Dar's hp

Went back home at 2pm
Home Sweet Home !

Lu suka saya ?

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