30 June 2009

Untittle !

Again ?!
Late updated .

26 June 2009
Today is Friday
Such an important for my Meen Dar
First of all, today was her birthday
Second, today was also the singing competition

I was quite busy for today
Ran here and there, asked the buddies to write wishes to Meen Dar
Planned where to celebrate her birthday
Blar blar blar ..

During the recess time, sang birthday song to Meen Dar and Choi Chee
Ran here and there again to find HE to take a pic with Meen Dar
Haha !
This was the surprise we gave her
Well, both of them just looked paiseh
Hey, just take pic as friends what ..

After school, our gang went to the classroom to watch the singing competition
We supported Christine, Meng Heng and Meen Dar !
Unfortunately i didn't watch Christine and Meng Heng's performance
Because busy finding my hp
I thought i lost my hp once again, but finally found it back in my BAG !

But Meen Dar's performances was Great !
And she get into finals too !
Congratz !

After the competition, we all went to Gasoline, opposite to Jusco
Reached there, ordered our lunch and started to GOSSIP !
Well, happened something that really made most of us mad
But forget about that lar, it's our day !
Just enjoy it !

Took a lot of crazy pics there
Then suddenly, we sang the birthday's song to Meen Dar
We sang many versions
Chinese, Malay, English, Cantonese ..
And i gave her the birthday card that i made

Around 4.30pm, went back home by bus
Guess who did i meet ?
Yea ! Jun Nian again
So lucky uh ?

I would like to say thank you to YOU
Thanks because willing to take pic with her
Thanks to all my Babies too !
Mojojo, Kah Chauh, Swing, Fatty, and all of you
Happy Birthday, Meen Dar and Choi Chee !
Hope both of you have a sweet sixteen !

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27 June 2009
Today is Saturday
BUT we have to go to school as usual
Stupid .
Damn a lot of ppl absent today
Think all of them ponteng

Received a news from Ah Soon, our beloved ketua tingkatan
Micheal Jackson passed away because of heart attack
Sad !

Micheal Jackson rest in peace
The King Of Pop in my heart forever !

28 June 2009
Today is Sunday
Went for tuition as usual
Had my dinner with my big family as usual
Drunk with my uncle as usual

Miss HIM as usual

29 June 2009
Today is Monday
Kena tahan after the assembly
The reason was we didn't get into the line before 7.15am
And this was not our 1st time

Not only scolded by the head of prefect
And also the other prefects
They said that if we didn't get into the line tmr, then all of us will stand at block B
We also scolded by En.Lim because of our attitude
Too bad today .

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