09 June 2009

Her Story

We didn't know each other before that
We were friend since that day you talked to me

You like music
You like to sing
You like Converse
You like to eat chocolate mint ice cream
But you will sick after you eat it
You like to drink coffee
Although i said it is bad to you
You always make me sweet as honey

" I saw an apple in you eyes "
You said to me one day
We became closer since that day

You made something for me on my birthday
It was special and i still keep it
I swore that i will give you something special on your birthday too

I won the cheer leading on the Sport's Day
You were the 1st person that i informed
I hope i could spend every moment with you

Since that small argument, you ignored me
You didn't talk to me
You didn't chat with me
You didn't reply me even i sms you

I told myself
Maybe he wants to concentrate on his study, so didn't on9
Maybe his hp out of credit, so didn't reply me
Maybe his hp gone again, so couldn't see my msg
Maybe maybe and maybe

I hate myself when you ignore me

Sms you and wished you at 12 sharp
But you didn't reply me
Saw your blog and you thanked a lot of ppl, but i wasn't one of them
A girl gave you a birthday cake on your birthday
You wrote that you will love her forever
I realized that i wasn't important as i thought

摆明是不喜欢了, 我还死缠烂打


我不要脸 !

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The wall between us

I forget who am i

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