07 June 2009


Long time didn't update my blog
1 word for me
Lazy !

3 June 2009
Today is Wednesday
I was going to book fair at The Mines with Meen Dar and Min Thean today
This was my 1st time went out with Thean
Hohohohoho !
Excited sia ~

My sis fetched me to Dar house after Dar finished her tuition
She bought nasi lemak for me too seemed i haven't take my lunch
My bf must be as caring as her !
I mean in the future

After ate, called Thean and asked him meet us at KTM station
Reached there and we met Xin Rong and few KBians
Xin Rong really scared me because he talked to me suddenly
Thean was being late !
Couldn't blame him also what, he walked
Hey, kenapa tak mau ambil teksi ?

Reached The Mines, Dar and i bought Sundae ice-cream at Mcd
The worker was so damn slow
She kept talking and laughing with the other Malays
" Eh kak, boleh cepat sikit .. ? "

Went to the book fair and lepak lepak
I bought a book - The Law Of Attraction
Well, not for me, but my sis

Left the book fair and went for window shopping
Dar met with her sis while Thean and i went back together
Crapped a lot with him
Hey Thean, you still owe me a meal !
Remember yar ~

Went back home by bus
Reached home
Home Sweet Home

4 June 2009
Today is Thursday
I knew a new friend today
His name is Jason

How did i know this guy
Hmm ...
He is introduced by the stupid fella named Jun Mun
Not Jwen ok, is Jun Mun
Why did he introduced Jason to me
He told Jason that i wanna wanna wanna pak tor
I didn't say i wanna wanna wanna pak tor before ok ?!
Don't " ham hoi " me

Anyway nice to meet you Jason !

5 June 2009
Today is Friday
Nothing special happened

Thanks for asking me to be your girl
Thanks for loving me so much
But i think i haven't prepare yet
I need some time
Sorry !

6 June 2009
Today is Saturday
Supposed to go to Midvalley with my family seemed was public holiday today
But my aunt came for holiday and we went for dinner with them

Guess what
When i was eating, someone called me - Mr.Kang
The phone rang and stopped ringing immediately
I miss called him and sms him, asked him why did he call me
But he didn't answer me

I started to being emo
You made me emo again !
Happy uh ?!

I am trying hard to forget about you
Why did you appear suddenly and disappear again ?
Can you stop hiding me and challenging me ?


I will recover soon
I need some time to recover

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