03 July 2009

Far Away.

I changed my blog skin adi
Honestly, i love my blog skin colour so damn much !
Yup, Greeeeeen .

1 July 2009
Today is Wednesday
Hope i can have a new life in this new month

Today went out with my buddies
Monster Jojo, Kah Chuah, Fatty, Tine, Xing Ti, Kuik, and Soo Wai
We were going to watch it !

We straight away went Jusco right after school
Soo Wai, Xing Ti, Jojo and i took bus while the others fetched by Miss.Wong
Too bad ~

Met them at food court and we had our lunch there
1st time having my lunch at Jusco food court
After lunch, went cinema
Guess what, we met Bryan them there
Siliang, Daniel, Chu Liang, Kun Khai and so on
Same room as us too !

And and and !
I saw Hu Hong and Jun Kit with their gf

Ngek _____
I saw you Pi Gu !

After watched


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Damn nice and i wish to watch it again
Megan Fox is so damn sexy

megan Pictures, Images and Photos

And i hope i can be as sexy as her
Lol ?
We Love Bumblebee !
Because he is damn cute .

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Went home immediately because having tuition later

2 July 2009
Today is Thursday
Not in a good mood
Because scolded by my parent

Honestly, i know myself well
I know that my result is not as good as sister
But at least i tried hard
But you just not satisfy

Maybe i really haven't try my best .
Maybe i really too stupid .
Or maybe i am really useless .

Why you have to compare my result with cousin's result
She is in art stream while i am in science stream
And it is totally different !
Ish !

Annoying me !

3 July 2009
Today is Friday !
I love Friday, because the next day is Saturday !
I had a bad morning
Very very bad morning
What the hell i am talking about .

Kena tahan by a " great " prefect during the operation
Because of my socks ?!

Well, my socks were long enough and i think i won't kena
Damn she tahan me and said FAIL !
Even En.Lim doesn't catch me with this length
But you ?!

Asked me to buy the school socks
Well, i don't mind with the SMKB words in blue colour
But it costs RM4 per pair !
WTF ?!
I can buy N pairs of socks outside there with RM4

And stop saying what
" If you don't want to buy, go and see teachers . "
Why must always be teachers ?
No others ?
If not
" If you don't want to follow the rules, call your parents to fetch you home . "
Hey, damn lame you know ?

If you can, just handle by yourself
Without saying teachers, home, parents blar blar blar
Ceh !

Perjanjian is done
For those doesn't want to buy socks today
If you caught by prefects again, then you have to buy the school socks with RM12
And i am one of them

Hey Chai Huey
Don't need to apologize to me what
Not your fault and i know that you were not willing to do that
But your " great " senior

Signed then went back to the class
Showing my black face
And i know i scared some people

I am not emo
Just mad

Went back home after singing competition
Jason dumped me in Malaysia and he will only be back after 2 years

No way !
2 years again ?
Hey, maybe i will meet you there .
I will miss you
Rmb to miss me too !

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I just don't want to leave here !


Shumeen said...

u wont leave!

Eugene ! said...

haha !
i wont leave u darling .
< 3