24 August 2009

30 Hours Famine

Now, I am going to write about the camp that i joined on last Saturday

22 August 2009
Woke up quite pretty in the morning
Before i went to school, i had my breakfast - the last meal for today with my dad
Went to school for extra class and met my friends at canteen around 9am
We were going to camp - 30 Hours Famine at Help College

Well, i were quite excited since this was my 1st time joined this camp
Quite many people asked me what camp is this
To make it simple, i told them, we can't eat for 30 hours
Once they heard this, then they will ask again
Why have to join this camp and suffering yourself ?
Aiyak, didn't try before, so just go there and try the feeling of hunger.

After checking our temperature, we went inside the hall for register
Unexpected, quite many people join this camp
I think almost 500 people

We were in group 6 and our group leader was Penny !
Penny was a very cute girl, and she quite speechless because all of us were higher than her
We put our bags at an empty room and gathered at the lobby
Everyone get 4 bottles of water
We had to drink a lot of water so that we get minerals
bio bio and bio

Our 2 MC for this camp - Marcus Tan and Steven
Marcus is a Banana man, means he doesn't know Chinese
Know a bit maybe, but not very good
Steven, translate English into Chinese, but his Chinese not very good also
I rather listen to English

We done a lots of activities so that we won't feel hungry
Lazy to write about those activities, but it was really fun
Let's skipped this part

We were having a concert at night
Started to feel tired and sleepy and hungry
But we still syiok sendiri

The concert ended around 10pm, we went to our bedroom
Well, we were sleeping on the floor
We were not allowed to bath, so we just brushed our teeth and changed clothes
We went to the lobby again for singing birthday song to Cathssy
Happy Birthday Cathssy !
Sorry that we couldn't give you any present and celebration

Xing Ti and Yanni went to bedroom
KenKe and Cathssy joined others for ghost stories
Kuik, Christine, Jwen and I chatted with DJ Sam
Kuik slept off, then i slept off too
But i knew that Yong Sheng had captured our sleeping face

Liang, Kuik, Jwen, Yanni, Tine, Xing Ti, Fatty, Kenke, Cathssy

Me with mask . Xon said i look like sex maniac doctor . ==

Kenke and Me . 1st pic i guess . xD

Yanni, me with one eye cacat . =X

Making stars

23 August 2009
Slept at 2am but woke up at 7am
Brushed my teeth again, and felt my stomach was damn empty
Packed all things because we were going to Bukit Jalil

Gathered at the hall again, we did the cards for those children who facing hunger at other countries
Such a meaningful activity
Before leaving, we went out to have some group pictures

I saw damn damn damn many people in the stadium
People from other places
We enjoyed ourself when watching the concert
Quite many local singers like Daniel, Micheal Wong, blar blar blar

We started to get high during the performances of Ah Mei - 张惠妹
Kept jumping and shouting and screaming
Honestly, i almost fainted that time
Because of gastric

Marcus Tan ! He is damn cute ! GG

Our cards for kids at Thailand

One world, one heart

Concert !

Micheal Wong, 光良

Ah Mei, 张惠妹

All the singers and artists

10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..

We could eat finally !
All of us get a bottle of soya bean
Wow, this is the most delicious soya bean that i 've drink before !
Back to school
Back to home

I miss my bed !
I miss the food !
I can bath finally !
Damn, i feel oily .

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