20 August 2009

Tuna + Mayonis

I made sandwiches for the very 1st time on 18 July 2009
Actually i planned to wake up at 5.30am in the morning and made it
But i failed to wake up

Rushed to the kitchen
Took the bread and tuna out
Opened the tuna and sapu on the bread
Oh, just looked like shit .
PS : I didn't mix the tuna with mayonis

I were thinking
" What the hell, why the tuna as hard as stone and look like shit some more ? "
I were wondering
" Did mum buy wrong adi ? Why ' tuna dalam air ' ? Sounds weird . "
Started to get angry
" Gosh ! How oh ?! "
Completely annoying
" Wtf ?! I am not going to make this ! "
I put the tuna aside and took the butter out

Here, my dad came down from upstair


" You said you wanna make sandwiches today right ? Why didn't get up early ? "
" I did set the alarm, but i couldn't wake up . "
" Lol "
" See, i think mum bought wrong adi ! Why the tuna hard like shit ? "
" * come towards and take a look * Did you mix it with mayonis ?! "
" Har ? Need to mix with mayonis ?! O.O "
" Yea lar ! "
" I thought its already mixed ? "
" No lar ! What lar you, you don't know ? "
" Yea, 1st time mah ! "
" Stupid lar you . "

My dad helped me a lot so that i won't be late to school
Brought it to school, and i were worrying that it didn't taste good

During Moral lesson, Swing, Ling, Derak, Ah Soon and some guys ate the sandwiches
And they said taste good and smell good too !
Daniel enjoyed it too ! And Swing ate two !

Aww ~ damn proud of myself and happy
Have to thanks my dad too !
If he didn't get up, i think they were eating bread with butter .

Cookies ?

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