12 August 2009

The Sunday !

9 August 2009
Today is Sunday !
As usual, I had to wake up early in the morning and played basketball with Cathssy, Yong Xin and Hong Shen
My alarm rand at 6.10am, but i switched it off and continued my sleep
Suddenly my hp rang !
It was Hing Shen
Shit ! already 7am in the morning
I was being late today

After playing basketball, we went to the restaurant which near our house and had our breakfast
I didn't eat anything since later going to have my breakfast with my parent
Cathssy and Yong Xin went for a movie after breakfast
It was too bad that I couldn't follow them since going to Xing Ti's house

Bathed and went for lunch to have breakfast with my parents
After that, straight away went to Xing Ti's house
I was the earliest !
Then Jwen, Adeline and Swing reached !

Well, we were going to bake some muffins for our SQM seniors
Super excited, because baking for the 1st time

Camwhore while baking
Swing and I kept taking the pics of the muffins
The muffins looked cute !

My Hand and Swing's Hand

Tadaaaaa _____ Done ! xD

Ngau Zai reached after we done and helped us to packed the muffins with plastic bags
Jwen's parent fetched Adeline, Swing and I to Pizza Hut, Metro Prima
Well, Ngau Zai and Xing Ti was for Joee to fetch them
We were having Majlis Persaraan dan Perlantikan SQM today

The Food .

The Seniors

Us !

After we finished all the food, then the majlis started
Soon Zee was the MC for this majlis and he looked funny
Haha !

Yong Lin announced the new AKJ list
Unexpected !
I am the Ketua Penceriaan and Kah Yee is my assistant
And and and
Congratz to Moo Moo - Ngau Zai
He is the new Ketua of SQM
* big claps *

Camwhore again !

Swing ! She is going to kill me . =S

Monster Joee, my camwhore kaki !

Kuik and I, our 1st pic !

Monster Joee, Yanni, Xing Ti

Jwen them went to Jusco afterwards
Not going with them again, since my dad coming
Home Sweet Home !

Err, ignore her please !

我在呐喊思念, 又有谁听见 ?

This sickness has no cure


Mun said...

u are going to die soon
swing will kill u! xDDD

Eugene ! said...

haha !
nvm lar, she can't on9

SwinG . said...

FOO YIT JIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wat i cant on9?????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????
delete it!

Eugene ! said...

Ops ! swing saw it .

Chill babe .