23 September 2009

<3 Trip

Hurray ~! I am back from Pinang !

20 September 2009 - Day 1
Waking up around 7.30 early in the morning, i couldn't open my eyes
After making sure everything was prepared, we went for breakfast at the restaurant near by our house
We started our journey at 8am sharp

Actually planned to study in the car, but my eyes closed when i looked at the book
So, i decided not to study
Started to camwhore with my brother

My Brother and I

Since i didn't sleep well last night, so i just simply wore my spec
Grandma, aunt and my mum kept chatting
My bro and my dad kept singing
And i kept feeling sleepy

Saw " King Kong " climbing this mountain
Hmm, i mean people, not real animal

Reached the rest station, went to toilet and bought some food
Continued our journey again

We reached Pulau Pinang around 12.30 in the noon
Called up my uncle and told him that we reached
Uncle brought us for lunch at an old restaurant .

The prawns was totally big enough !
And and and, the curry was smell damn fucking good !

After the lunch, we went to uncle's house
Look, we were going to overnight at his house

Met his lovely doggie, Angess !
Cute and heavy fella !
I couldn't carry him, and you can feel the force when it runs pass you

The ground beside the house .
I couldn't open my eyes fully
.________________ .

Met my new little cousin
Looks like worm !

After we packed our things, my dad and i brought my cousin and my bro went to the park nearby
Well, i was stuck at the round thingy when i was trying to pass through it
Fine, seemed my size punya problem

My cousin !

My dad vs My Bro

After bathing, we were going to dinner

See the different of the colour of my legs ?

Dinner ! =D

When i was eating my dinner, my cousin came towards me
Guess what she said ?
Aha !
She said " Leng lui ! Help me take a pic ! "
Then, she started posing around
LMAO ! She called me leng lui .

After having dinner, went to shopping mall
Honestly, there was not such crowded as here
Around 10pm, we visited to our ex-neighbour's house
Their moved to Pulau Pinang last N years ago

Went home quite early since all of us had been so tired

21 September 2009 - Day 2
Woke up pretty early in the morning again
Once i opened my eyes, my bro was hugging me
Please lar, i am not your blanket

My Bro and I

After prepared ourself, my dad brought my bro and i went to the morning market nearby
Ordered some food
Woohooo !

The restaurant that we had our breakfast

Jawa Mee
Got a bit like " rojak " campur with mee
Taste sweet, sour and spicy

My Bro with " kuew tiu "

After having our breakfast, we just hanging around
We found that there are quite many restaurants, food courts and blar blar blar
Woohooo !

Uncle brought us to his sister's restaurant to have our lunch
I know the relationship is quite complicated

The restaurant

" 粿條汤 "

We didn't pay for our lunch, extra other food somemore !
They didn't want us to pay due to the relationship
After that, went to shopping mall again !
I saw Nike shop there !
I must control myself

Went home around 4pm, after taking nap and bathed, straight away went for dinner
Dinner for tonight was steamboat !

Steamboat !

After having dinner, went to the shop nearby and continued shopping again
My dad and i just sit beside at the side and looked at them
Oh yea, i saw a leng zai beside the shop !
Hey, can you give me your hp num ?!

Went home around .. * shit, i forget what is the time *
The thing that only i can remember is
I ate quite a lots !

22 September 2009 - Day 3
Today was the last day we stayed here
We need to wake up early as usual because my dad scared of traffic jam

After packing all the things, said goodbye to my aunt, uncle and my cousins
My mum promised that will go back there during the next holiday again
Went to the restaurant having our breakfast

Mine " 云吞面 "

My Dad's

Going back to Kuala Lumpur
I'm gonna miss the FOOD !


PS : My weight heavier again ! Better keep fit .

Wasting my time !


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banyak food darling!
really banyak! haha

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d last picha is cuteee