28 September 2009


Holidays was ended, and school is reopened.
Today we were going to back school
Expected, i couldn't wake in the morning and late to school today

During this holidays, i didn't touch my homework, books blah !
I touched food the most, that's why my weight increases like hell
Chatting with Babi Xon and Amer the most during this holidays

Babi Xon, thanks for telling me what kind of girl he likes
I think i won't be the that kind of girl
I am not Banana !

Amer, thanks for cheering me up and kept on asking me talk with him
But honestly, i really not brave enough to do so
And thanks cause willing to teach me how to talk to him
Yea, i know, just talk like friend
Sorry for disappointed you

Ok, back to the topic !
I were not feeling so well and looked pale
Kept sweating and feeling want to vomit
Eh, i am not pregnant.

After school, i met Elephant - Thomas Lee
Hey, i owe you Starbucks !
And you owe me cheese cakes too !


I continue my blog after having my dinner
Watched Animal Planet while having dinner
My sis and my dad couldn't different between penguin and dolphin !
HAHA ! * laughing dead *
And And And ! My dad talk about shit while my sis and i were having our soup

Woohoooo ! My grandmum just brought us some durians * yum yum *
So, my mouth sure busuk busuk

I wish the TIME will stop

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I am looking for you all the time

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