20 September 2009


I went out with BeiBei today @ 19 September 2009
While waiting for her at Kepong Ktm, I met Kun Kit and Sien En
Both of them was going to Lau Yat

BeiBei and I had our lunch at Madam Wong after reached Sungai Wang
The people sat behind us kept on smoking
We were wondering do they know about they are not allowed to smoke at public place
Damn fucking brainless uh ?!
We just finished our meal as fast as possible, so that we could leave that place

We had shopped many shops, but BeiBei still couldn't find the dress that suit her
So, she just simply bought a dress at Times Square
Guess what, I met my camwhore kaki - Monster Joee at Times Square
Wootsss !

Bought a belt for my sis, but i bought nothing for myself
But finally, i get myself a shirt at a Korea shop
Well, maybe i am not in the mood for shopping today

Having dinner with my family at my grandmum's house
Watched a Hong Kong's movie - Portage 门徒

People die because of drugs
Nasty .

On9 and webcam with BeiBei
And guess what i had done .

Aha ! i think my image spoiled

Anyway, i am going to Penang tmr morning !
Woohooo ! The food is waiting for me .

Ciaooooos !

PS: My sis love that belt damn much . <3

My Love


Lazybei said...

ur sis love it ya?
quite worry ur sis dislike~

u 38 la.....
liu bei si

Monster said...