04 October 2009

1 October 2009
Another new month again, wish everything goes right
Today was Babi Xon and Mum's birthday !

Babi Xon, I know this fella since form 3 i guess, because he was my friend's boyfriend
Not very close to him, just know there is a person like him in our school
Started to get closer to him this year because of Hu Hong's birthday party
Since that day, i realized that he looks mature, but actually quite childish ?
Thus, we started to chat at MSN, joke and punch !

Although i don't know you well, but i think you are really a good friend for me
Thanks for always cheering me up
Appreciate it .
Eh Babi, touching uh ? HAHA !

Mum, the most important woman in my life
Although sometimes i don't like what she had done, but honestly, i love her very much
Wondering if she leave me someday ..
No way, i don't want this !

Hey mum, sorry for hurting you last time
Sorry because i am liar
Sorry because i was telling you lie
I promised that i won't do it again, i won't hurt you anymore

Hey mum, i really sayang you very much !

2 October 2009
Exam is coming ! 14th of October
That's mean there's just left 12 days more .
Holly shit !

I am not in the mood to study
I need someone to teach me !
Luckily, i had done my revision for 3 chapters of Biology
Shit, still got a lots lar oi !

Exam make me damn fucking stress !
Stress stress stress stress stress

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