08 October 2009


It's around 2am midnight now, i still haven't sleep yet !
Insomnia, because i slept for whole day after schooling
Not in the study mood, so just on9 since didn't touch my lappie for 2 days

Well, exam is getting nearer and nearer
But feel like still got a lot of things i haven't study yet
Although i put a lot of efforts on it, but i think i won't get good result for this exam
I just want some improvement

And HE !
I have no idea what to do now
Confess ? No way !
Think giving up is the best way, solve everything !

Hey, don't always Haiz Haiz Haiz when chatting with me please
If i said No, mean No, why keep asking me why ?!

I am damn cool in school nowadays
Teach me how to smile
Woohoooo !

It's 2.30am right now, not in the good mood right now
Why are you so serious ?!
Why do you like to argue with me ?!
I am showing my bad attitudes, so what ?!
Kill me if you could .

My Kun Kit not going to school tmr !
Ish !

I am a stranger

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