30 October 2009

It's Not The End

Wheeeeee _______
Finally i can just spend some time to update my blog
Having exam this week, and only 2 days to go, exam end !

My exam so far so good, at least i tried my best, and i really did study
Maybe i was changed, seriously wanted to get a better result

Forget about exam, and let's talk about food !
I always love chocolates
I can eat 2 big bowls with " bah kut teh "

I can eat many many many things in one time, and this always cause me gastric
Ish !

Everyone love Big Apple Donuts i guess
My aunt just bought us last few days
And my sis argued with my mum just because my mum ate her favourite donuts ?!

Going to my cousin, Jeff, birthday party now !
Ciaooossssss !

Story Under The Tree, mine drawing ! xD

You will be alright !

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