07 November 2009

Latest !

Well well well
Final exam is overed, and we are setted freeeeeeeee !
Everyday just play at school and finding chances to skipped classes

Swing sms-ed me yesterday that she was not going to school today
However, i were still going to school, unexpected
And i get my Add Maths paper too !
Wtf ? I failed my Add Maths paper again, expected
But Miss Khung it's good to have improvement, even thought i didn't pass
Oh damn, i were so touching that time

Tak boleh adi !
I must work harder and harder and harder !

Today was a Big Big day for Kit Zai - his birthday !
Wished him, wrote birthday wish and sang him a birthday song at school
But no one planned to celebrate with him
All the guys in our class didn't come, and Kit Zai was so lonely

Cathssy planned to have a mini birthday celebration party for Kit Zai at last minute
So we try to contact everyone
We were so scare that our plan couldn't go on, since quite a number of people not free

* skipped *

After having dinner and prepared myself, fetched Cathssy and Yong Xin
We went to bakery to buy a birthday cake for Kit Zai
And Cathssy wrote something on the cake too !

Reached there and waiting for other people !
Kit Zai called Cathssy to confirm something
He thought we were kidding and didn't expect we will celebrate his birthday with him

Station 1

Kiy Zai reached !
But still had a lot of people hadn't reach yet
Kit Zai ordered 2 bottles of beers
Honestly, there is not enough for me
Because it was just a small little cup

Mine !

Eugene and Hong Shen beside me !

Hong Shen ordered some food too
Aha ! Hong Shen was going to pay all these

French fried !

Chicken Wings !

They started to play poker card
Seemed i were not interested in playing card, so i just ate what Hong Shen had order
Well, i ate 2 chicken wings !

Hong Shen, Ah Mah, Kit Zai

Cathssy, Ah Foong, Yong Xin

Cathssy took out the cake from the back and gave Kit Zai a small surprise
We all sang birthday song to him
Kit Zai's wishes won't come true ?
Because he didn't blow out the candles
The wide wind helped him to blow out the candles, and he dad no chance to make a wish

Here's the cake for Kit Zai

" Kit Zai, taller please "

All of us asked Kit Zai to bite the candle out from the cake
And Kit Zai had already know the trick

When biting, they pushed his head to the cake
And he became like that

SO ! Don't get trick if you friends ask you to bite the candles out .

All of the boys kept on bully Kit Zai
They applied all the cream on his face, like applied lotion on the body

See ?! Ah Mah is bully king !

Derek applied the cream all over his spec somemore.
Kit Zai looked like Santa Claus !

After playing, we ate the cakes
We were planning to go for second round later
Yam cha yam cha yam cha !

Cutting the cake

And Yong Shen came from his tuition too
His birthday is coming too

Yong Sheng, Ah Mah, Kit Zai

Yong Xin, blocked by Hong Shen, and Derek

Having finished the cake, all of us walked back home with Kit Zai
We sang birthday song to him once again
Yea yea, sang beside the road.
Cool man !

Out second round was at the mamak nearby my house
Unexpected, we chatted quite a lot of things
I think maybe we can just come out and yam cha

Back home around 12.30am
And parent scolded !
Ish !

Hey Kit Zai, don't be so touching lar !
Happy Birthday, Kit Zai !


It's going to 4am
Morning people !

Him Miss Damn.

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