27 November 2009

Nerdie ?

Yea yea yea, i left my blog dead again
Babi Xon asked me why i didn't update my bloggie, and the reason is i have nothing to write this few days
And finally, i found something to write now ! :D

Oh yeaaaaaaaa
I went to Chinese Book Fair, which is held at The Mines, with Cathssy and Yong Xin
Too bad, i forgot to set my alarm and i couldn't wake up early in the morning !
Luckily Cathssy called me and they were willing to wait for me
Rush ! I even didn't brush my teeth and wear lens
But .. who cares ?! * wink *

Straight away headed to Kepong Sentral
Damn a lot of people in the KTM although it was already 9.30am
So we were packed like the sardine fish inside the tin
I stood between 2 unkown guys, luckily the guy, who looks same age as us, holding me
If not, i will fall down for sure ! =X

Reached Serdang Ktm Station around 10am
Actually we planned to take bus, but seemed all of you looked blur and had no idea what to do
So, Cathssy suggested us to take boat
And yet, we agreeeeeeeed !

While waiting for the boat

The boat came at sharped 10.30am and we reached The Mines safely and happily ! xD
Straight away headed to A&W to have our brunch
I had to learn how to odder my meal by myself, seemed they refused to help
Fine, is time to be more independent !
Chatted a lot when having our meals
We all think that we should hang out often during this holiday
Teeheeeeee _______

Mine and Cathssy's

Mine !

The Mines

After finished our meal, straight away again went to the book fair
Wow, damn a lot people and very riuh-rendah too ! :D
Having some kid programmes like story telling competition, diabolo performance, blah !
Found a cute kid that looks like .. 小小彬 !

Yong Xin hanged around the book fair alone, while i were together with Cathssy
Both of us saw some hand make art works
Their looks really interesting and ..
The prices look more interesting too ! :S

When i were paying for my books, someone stood beside me
Hell ya, he is the author of one the books that i were going to pay that time
He is .. 钟进贺
He looks banyak chubby
Looks like Winnie The Pooh lar oit !
I didn't ask for his signature, but he was the one who asked me whether want his signature
HA !
And sure, he signed for me ! xD

After bought everything that we wanted, Cathssy and I went to kid's area
Cathssy started to read up the books there
We found that there was 2 boys were working as food seller nearby
Two words for them, CUTE and HANDSOME
We also started to chat with the gor gor, jie jie, di di, mei mei, uncle and aunty there, included that 2 guys, but they talked less

Boooooooks !

Yong Xin seemed not willing to leave there when we said we had to go
All of us had bought something for our own
Aha !

The advertisement

We took KTM around 6.30pm and guess what, we reached home around 10.30pm
Just guess what was happened withing this 4 hours ?
Bathed and on9 once i went home
Took some photos too

Yerp, his sign !

His name, the date and he wrote " Love you oh ! "

The books that i bought ! * dance dance dance *

Alright, my eyes feel heavy now and i feel damn tired
I think i am going to close my eyes soon, very very soon !
So ciaoss !

PS : My brother loves the books that i bought for him
PPS : I will write what was happened within that 4 hours for the coming post

I am not nerdie okey ?


Shumeen said...

chin hor love you

Eugene ! said...

i dont need him to love meeeee