14 November 2009

Ending Soon . Coming Soon .

I had skipped school for last 2 days, and i am going to school today
Today was the last day we met all the Form 5 students i think
After that, they are going to leave this school
Although i am not very close to them, but i am still lingering

Back to the topic
Today we had QM duty for the whole day
So we started to skip class after assembly until after school
After a short briefing, we started our work masing-masing
Jojo, Swing and I were in the same group - Group Of Hiasan
Thnx for Jojo's and Swing's helping and their opinions !

Swing, Me and Jojo - decorating !

I was concentrating !

Kah Yee ! xD

Dihasilkan oleh Eugene !

Kah Yee and I again

Darling and I, <3

We are monkeys ! I looked long. GG

After recess time, get our school magazine and result papers of some subjects
Holly shit ! There is not my result papers !
Took wrongly for sure .

After school, went for a movie with my classmates !
Really, 1st time went out with my
Bryan, Soon, Leng gor, Xuxu Ling, Mun Mun and Yong Xin

Before leaving the school

1st pic with Yanni ! xD

Watched 2012 with them
This movie damn fucking nice for me
I cried a many times, hoping no one saw it

The ending isn't what i expected
However, it is still a happy ending

Have a nice day with my friends today !

Today is the graduation day for all the Form 5 students
Oh My Gosh !
i can't peek HIM anymore .
* sad *
We have the same name !
Not Eugene Yee nor Eugene Gerard

Miss you honey !

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咏yong 欣xin said...

ah i like that monkey pose haha