19 November 2009

Woots !

What a lovely boring sunny Sunday again
I did nothing at home, just kept on watching Discovery Channel, History, National Geographic and Ben 10 with my family
We started to discuss what to eat in the evening
After a long-winded discussion, we decided to eat Sakea Sushi at 1 Utama !

We started to prepare pretty pretty around 6pm
Excited ? Sure !

It was so hard to find a parking place for our car
We straight away went to Sakea Sushi once we reached there
There was quite a lot of people too, seemed today was Sunday
We have to separate since there was no enough places, so luckily uh ?
My sis and I sat together while my parent and my brother sat together
I called my dad to make sure that he knew how to use the high-tech thingy to order the food

After having dinner, we just simply hanging around the shopping mall
Just see but couldn't buy anything, it's really bad !
Guess what, i met Soon Chyi
I hope he couldn't regonize me or see me

There was an Digi event held at the ground floor
Some people went up to the stage and danced, just to get the price
The way they danced really funny, and made us laughing like hell
And i saw a man was sleeping down there

See ? tidur dengan nyenyak !

We went back home around 10pm something
Before going back home, my dad fetched my sis to Spicy to meet up her friends
Home sweet home

Hey ! Finally i smell shopping mall punya bau !

Our class organized a farewell party for our 3 beloved teacher
Pn Ong, Miss Wang, and Miss Lam
The location was at Shabu Shabu and the party was started at 7pm

Before going out xD

Yong Xin was following my car, and when we reached there, we saw a lot of people
Almost was our classmates
Still the same, the boys in our class shouted and making noise
They thought they were at 4E class now

Quite shocked when we saw Kang Wan
He likes to give us suprise

Kah Yin, Xuxu, Swing and I sat together
And guess what, Ee came !
He sat between me and Kah Yin
He is really funny, and both of them are damn blur
As a conclusion, they are really a cute couple

Didn't take a lot of photos tonight, because i was busying eating and eating and eating
Actually, there were not enough for me, cause not many choices there

Eating crab. Saw Ee beside me ?

I am still eating the crab

Do we look scary ? ==

Before leaving there, took a group picture !

See ? All the boys were trying to seduce Pn.Ong !
Aha !

After that, all of us moved to the next destination - Babylon

On the way . Too blur !

Too many people and not enough seat for us
The waitress had to arrange the tables for us
Started to order some drinks and play porker cards
And we started to making noise again !

Us, the grouppie .

Guess what again, i met Wei and Mei Yee
And i saw them smoking too
Hey babies ! Don't smoke, bad for you health
And make your mouth smelly too !
Need to waste a lot of money to buy toothpaste

Yong Xin's mum fetched me home
Teeheee !
Reached home around 11.30pm, and i had no keys to enter my house
So, slept outside the house ?
I woke my sis up to open the door for me, of course !

The 40th Day


咏yong 欣xin said...

what? u didnt enter your house ++

Eugene ! said...

No lar, cause my parent slept adi .