11 November 2009

The Man In My House !

Yesterday ( 10/11 ) was my Dad's brithday !
Woohoooo !
Well well well, he is 52 years old now

* blek *

The day before, i did remember about his birthday, but how comes i forgot about it ?!
I didn't even remind my mum
I didn't even wish him
I didn't buy a cake and celebrate with him
Feeling sad for myself

Luckily, i bought him a present earlier ! * wink *

I am happy having this man in life
My dad loves to eat
He loves chocolates the most
He always compete with us for the chocolates, and my mum always scolded him
" Hey, don't like that lar ! "
" Huiyo, still kid ark ?! Don't always fight with ur children for chocolates lar ! "
" 好心你啦 ~ "

Actually not consider as scold
Look, my mum won't scold my Dad
My Dad won't scold my mum too
For me, they never argue
Maybe happened before, but i didn't see before

For me, Daddy is a best man and best father ever
Caring, humour, friendly, tolerate, blah !
Handsome somemore !
I wish my future husband will be like him too

My dad looks good in wearing WHITE colour shirt

Hey Dad, i am sorry of what i had done within this few years
And i know that i really hurt you and Mum last time
But i have changed now
I do really appreciate you !
And i promise that i would never hurt you again

I really can't imagine the day when i lost you
I really can't the day when you are not by side
Gosh ! tears going to drop

You are prefect !
I Love You, Daddy !

* girlkiss and hugggie *

From you lovely daughter

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