27 December 2009

Alohaaaaa !
I have been abandoned my blog for dayss, and now i am finally back
Say you all miss me please ! xD
Ok, i will just stop crapping

Just a short update seemed i am so so so lazy to write that all out

Went to Pavilion with my Meen Darling, Babi Xon, Min Thean, Ee, and Wai Kian to meet Jay !
As you all know, my darling is Jay's super fan
So credit to Wai Kian, who accompanied me and took care of me, since Darling was not beside me and the other 3 fellas gone

But anyway, ribuan terima kasih to Babi Xon, Ee, Thean, and Wai Kian, who banyak took care of me
Babi Xon and Ee really very protect me on that day
Wai Kian accompanied me until my dad came to fetch me at ktm station
Thean banyak gentleman and bought ticket for me

Babi Xon fell sick that day
Hey boy, take care lor !
xoxo !

Played masak masak with my brother !
I know some people will think that that is so childish, but it is really FUN !
And at least my day won't be such boring..

I bought those masak masak when i was young, but i keep it in my cupboard until last month, i just took it out from there
Phewww ! 重见光明

My brother was very concentrating !


We made quite many different meals
Ada ice-cream, ada spaghetti, ada pancake
* winky *

Just a randoms picture
OmFg ! My leg just looks like monster + giant ! :S

Are you guys ready for the meals ?!
Taaadaaaaa !


It was Christmas Eve today !
Didn't celebrate with friends but with families
Nothing special on that day
Takde fireworks, but ada turkey

Just sat there and watched Resident Evil

The Christmas tree !

Today was Christmas Day
Merry Christmas ! ( what a belated wish )
Having dinner at Frankie uncle's house at Sierramas
The houses there are freaking nice
But i know there is still many nicer outside there

While having tea .

Donald uncle and his family and I !

My sister !

Hell yea, Happy Birthday to Nelson
Hope you have a sweet sixteen !

ps : I met my primary schoolmate ! if you seeing my blog now, i guess you know i am talking about you !

Nice to meet you babyyy !

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