17 December 2009

Boom peh peh peh peh ! part 2

Well, let's continue the night's story !
After we went home, we straight away removed our make up and took a nap, since we were freaking tired
We started to prepared ourself around 5pm, cause we had to reached there before 7pm

Well, my mother went to the saloon and set a pretty hair
My sis helped me to make up, and my eyes became bigger and double layer somemore !
My sis wore a long long long maxi dress and a high high high heels

The ball room was located somewhere at Bangsar area
Once we reached there, we saw quite many people
My uncle, aunty, and some cousins were busy helping the guests to register
Inside the ball room was freaking cold, luckily i brought my jacket !
HA ! * proud *

Since we sat with cousins, so we started to syok sendiri and camwhore around !

The light

The cake

Chopstick and ... ?

Hell yea, my uncle brought me a glass of wine
Aww, just said Cheers !
I kept asking the waitress to refill
wine addict !

Uncle's and mine

The ceremony started around 9pm, it was quite late
And some people started being annoyed

Groom and Bride

There was a very super sweet performance which performed by the groom
He doesn't know how to play saxophone at all
For her, he is willing to learn although he never learn music before
He was hiding so well cause he never tell her about that

After practiced for 8 months, finally ..
Tonight, he gave all of us a big surprise !
He played Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You
Although not perfect and sounded funny too, but i think it is the most perfect song for her .

All of us just gave him a big claps
Of course, the bride was so touching and almost cried out

Mr. Keith aka my 表姐夫
Good job ! :D

Oh yea, i saw a leng zai
Oho ! He looks like .. Japanese ?
He has a curly hair, looks like 木村拓哉 at the Gatsby advertisement
All in black, and a white tie
Guess what, he plays saxophone !
OMG ! i looked at him whole night * sounds pervert *

There was a band too, only 3 people there
One play keyboard, one guitarist and one play saxophone
They performed many songs whole night
One word, GREAT !

Me ?

End up my post with my sis's pic


Would me marry me ?

Just say i do, baby .

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