17 January 2010

Gotcha !

This is the second week of school
Well, I didn't enter the class for almost 2 weeks because of SQM duty
Actually the main reason was to skip classes . HA ! xD

Almost done the notice board, just left the AJK list, but there is another notice board which inside the SQM room waiting for me
Ala ! I will ask the juniors to do that. Heh heh heh !
This is not what we called as BULLY .

Our SQM slogan

" 什么pattern都有呃 ! "
" Apa-apa pattern pun ada "

When i was chatting with him.
I think i need to buy a better webcam. :S

I fell in love with someone that wouldn't never fall for me.

我犯贱 !

No more days and night for him .

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