01 February 2010

Sweep Off The Dust .

I have been abandoned my blog for 1 week !
Recently is busy for SQM duty, tuition and cheer leading practice, almost don't have the time to touch my lappie.

Today is the first day for February !
  • My birthday is coming !
  • Chinese New Year is coming too, ang pau mari and gambleeeeee ! xD
  • Valentines' Day= ! Ala, i takde boyfriend. =X

Actually i was going out today with some-one-else
But due to some reason, the plan was canceled
I was so damn fucking disappointed and it was really pissed me off

Sze Guan aka Elephant dated me, luckily, and i was going out with him and his cousin
His cousin picked me up around 3pm and we started to plan where to go
Guess what, we went 5 shopping centers for the whole afternoon
  • The Curve
  • Leisure Mall
  • Ikea
  • Sungai Wang
  • Times Square

Credits to his cousin for fetching us from Kepong to PJ, then from PJ to KL, then back to Kepong again . HA !
Had our dinner at Pizza Hut
Sze Guan kept on bully me; he poured a lot of cheese powder on the pizza !

To-do list within February
  • Study harder !
  • I don't want to become darker larh oit !
  • Get a suitable camera and mobile for myself . Camera or mobile first ?
  • Taller, thinner and hawtter ! Aww babyyyyyy .

Got to do my tuition homework, pack my bag after that and sleep .
Ciaos !

The pain that i feel won't fade away .

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