09 May 2010

My Husband ?

He is borned at 27th of July in 1974; He is 36-year-old Hong Kong guy; He is married and of course i am not his wife larh.

I don't know since when i started to admire Eason
Maybe i was influenced by my cousin, Ben because he likes Eason very much and some more, he has a slightly common with Eason too !
Well, he doesn't look as handsome as Lee Hom and others, and his height is only 171cm, but he is TALENTED !
Btw, he is cute and nice for me.
He was graduated in Kingston University, London.

My dad always ask me, " He knows how to sing keh ?! "
And i always answer, " Yes of course ! "

His first album was released at 1996 and i was just only 3 years old that time
So far, he has almost 73 albums and 466 songs
Awww ! feel like want to buy all his albums !

I am so regret that i was not able to attend his concert live in Malaysia, but i swear i will attend if he came again.
I am waiting for his new album ! Wheeeeeeee ! :)

I miss him

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