14 September 2010

Romance :)

This post is totally just for you larh boy.
Some memories may be flashed back in your mind, but I bet you miss those time too :)

Do you still remember the first big surprise that you gave me ?

I will not forget about it man. You told me that you won't on9 for 2 days due to the connection, and you would be back to Malaysia on Saturday night.
But god knew that you reached Malaysia on Wednesday night and asked me out on the next day.

You know how I felt that time? I really felt like crying, and was like scolding you, " Bad thing, cheated on me.. ?" But still, I was very very very surprised and happy too.

Do you still remember our first date ?

Yerp, OneUtama! When you hadn't meet me yet, you thought I was just an ordinary girl, but after you met me, you just realized that I wasn't such SIMPLE as you thought. Our first movie was Twilight Saga - the movie quite suck for us.
We held hand on our first, and thanks for you sweet kisses too.
AND I won't ever forget those words that you told me in the car. Well, they were something related to TEETH. lmao!

Do you still remember our first outdoor activity ?

Yeaaaa. swim. We went for swim, almost every week once, unless I was having PMS.
When we both got into the water, we both would shaking and shaking and shaking, just because we felt cold. Then, we would just hugged inside the pool and shaked together. You also asked for competition, see who was the fastest. For sure, I was the one who always lose. You would laughed at me, after that, you hugged me.

Silly baby :)

Do you still remember what you did when you saw some pretty girls passed by ?

HAHA! I felt so speechless every time you did that.
When we hanging out, whenever you saw some pretty girls passed by, you would say, " Oh, leng lui lerh! "
Then I might ask, "Where?! "
By that time, you would cover up my eyes with your hand and asked me not to see.
I asked you, "Why don't you cover up your eyes, but mine?"
You said, "I cover your eyes, so that you will be sad when you look at them."

Okay, well, fine. Hmphh! How bad are you. * pinchhhhh *

Well, that's all. I know it's quite less, but I have to leave some for other days what. Maybe our 4th Month Anniversary? HAHA!


My boy is at Shang Hai, China currently now. I chatted with him through webcam, he looked quite tired.
I hope he will really take care of himself well.
Wear more, since the weather is cold now; Eat on time, gained weight and don't ever empty your stomach; Drink more water, skin very dry!
Boy, don't ever get sick there okay? I can't take care of you if you sick since I'm not beside you now.

I miss him so badly now, that's why I wrote this post :(

I'm still not over it.

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