30 December 2010

Japannn :D

Hey readers, finally I'm back to here!
Found that I'm quite lazy to update my blog, btw will try my best to be more active :D

For your information, I went Japan last week and the trip was awesome!
The ticket was booked from Air Asia and it costed not more than 4k
Although the plane was quite suck, but overall the trip was good

One of the rooms.
Doesn't it look like 4 or 5 stars hotels? :D
Wide, clean and nice!

 One of our meals.
These was our dinner on the second night in Japan 
Are you feeling hungry? :D

Our breakfast for the third day in Japan :D
Breakfast also one set for a person.

We had our breakfast for the fifth day in Japan.
Doesn't it look like some kind of restaurant in Paris? LOL!

Next, there was some places that I must introduce to all of you
The views were too awesome and you guys sure couldn't find it in Malaysia
The streets were super clean and hole-less! 
Unlike here, walking on the street or driving on the road, then suddenly one big hole in front and you have to avoid it.

Trees are all over the cities :)


Even they are high-tech, but less cars on the road.
Most of them is taking public transports like bus and train.

Can you see the trees and river? 
And try to imagine the river here, really OMG .___.

My dad said the all this were fake wan, but in fact, it is real :D
Find me some places like this in Malaysia ;)

The view at Wasabi Farm 
OMG, this really is one of my favs :D

Ginza - best place for shopping! :D
Unlike the shopping street in Malaysia, they are in one shop.
In Japan, they all are in a whole building! YEA, WHOLE BUILDING!
For example Uniqlo, the building has almost 5 floors, so all the floors are selling Uniqlo's clothes.
Seriously, shop til crazy ><

The special about this street is at 12 noon, the road is blocked and cars are not allowed to in, then we can shopping and rush across the road without concerning about the cars :D
Damn cool uh?! 

Here is the train station.
The train is very on time and never being late.
The average time the train moves from one station to another station is almost 2 or 3 mins, so you don't need to worry you miss will any session :D


 Actually the most lucky that happened was snowing!
Btw, the snow was pouring and was too heavy, cintan mian was wet and it was hard to take pic
Anyway, this was the perfect white Christmas Eve :D

From my point of view, Japan is better Korea.
Both countries I also went before, but Japanese really impressed me lots! :D
If got the chances, you guys really need to visit there, you guys will have lots of fun there.

Well, planning to go again with Boyfriend next year
Is time to earn and save money! :D
OMG, I'm looking forward to it <3

Back to me.


阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

Hey gal =)

so u mind telling me de places u went wen u was in japan?? lke de wasabi farm n de place u saw snpw n eberything.. where r they??

Eugene ! said...

Actually I'm not really sure about the name of the places, but where I went is Tokyo, and they are separated into many cities. So I was kinda blur too. Sorry about it ><