02 January 2011


I hope it is not too late to write this post D:

Last two night was the last night of 2010
As usual, my dad fetched my two cousins and I to Desa Park City
For sure, this year I was countdown with my buds.

Well, there was many people asked me, "Where's your boyfriend, Jeremy? Did he come along?"
Then I answered, "Har? He at Shang Hai, China now, how to come?"
I was quite shocked being asked so cause I thought they knew about it.
Anyway, wasn't a bad thing celebrate with your buds because we could fooling and playing around.
But, I really want to celebrate with my boyfriend so much :(

Let's talk about 2010! For your information, I was 17-teen and sitting for SPM examination.
Well, met bunch of friends that are really bring a lot of happiness and memorable time to me.
For sure, I also learnt something from the mistakes that I made in this year too and they changed me a lots :)

The biggest joy was I MET HIM! <3
Darlinn, sorry for the mistakes that I made in 2010 and I hope I won't repeat it again in 2011.
Please forgive me being such stubborn and naughty D:
Thanks for appearing in my life in 2010 :D 

To those who I hurt before, really sorry hurting you and breaking your heart.
To those who hate me, just continue hating on me; You won't change your mind no matter how hard I tell.
To those who love me, continue loving me! xoxo!
To Jeremy Teh Jee Han, I will love you more in 2011! I love you boyyyyyy *kiss kiss kiss*

 The night view of Desa Park City :)

Say goodbye to 2010!
Welcome and say hello to 2011! 

Better year :)

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