21 December 2010

Last Order

12 hours more, I'll be on the plane.
20 hours more, I 'll be on the street of Japan.

Going there supposed to be very happy and excited, but I don't know why, I lost the excitment
Somehow I wish I can stay here :(
The most suffering is I can't contact with him for one week; I didn't chat with him for one day is enough to kill me.

  • Dear, must eat your meal on time and DON'T SKIP MEAL! Be careful of those tiny pieces of meat too ah, last time you told me that you stomachache after ate it. So, check properly before eat okay? I know you won't skip your meal, but must eat whenever you feel hungry okay?
    • Dear, don't eat so many junk food and instant noodle too ah, unhealthy also. Don't always eat milo powder like eating sweet okay? The most important, don't always drink water with many many many ice. Eat more healthy food okay? If can buy some fruits also, or juice also can. Drink more water is a must!

    • The weather there is getting colder and colder adi. So wear thicker okay? I don't want you to get sick someday, if not nobody can take care of you. I know you want to say you're kuat, but no matter how kuat are you, you still will fall sick larh silly.
    • I guess dear will be kinda busy this few days because of Christmas party celebration, football or others etc. So no matter how, must take a good rest okay? Sleep earlier if can, for your own health. Before sleep, must take a shower if sweating and drink a cup of water, cover up blanket nicely so that won't get cold. 
    • Must wash ur hand and cut your fingernails on time, since dear used to bite it when doing nothing or being too concentrate. Dirty cat! :@ Next time let you bite mine, mine is clean :p

    • When facing problem, dear must be calm all the time. Always think positively and take it easy. Everything can be solved, just take it easy okay? Don't worry, no matter how, I'm always be with you and support you all the time *hug* :D

    • Must miss me all the time ya! When you miss me, look into my pics, listen to Need You Now and hug your pillow like hugging me :p Don't miss other girls aa, I want to full-filled your mind and heart :)

    Promise me that you will take good care of yourself, but I know I can't stop worrying about you.
    MUST A! If not I don't want to be friend with you adi :(

    Don't worry about me, I will be careful all the time and I will be safe too. Miss you 99 all the night just like you said, cause I won't stop missing you. I will pray hard for you so that this few days anything happen to you will be solved easily.

    Just promise me okay? Darlinnn <3

    say yes

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