21 January 2011

Am Not In Home! :D

Finally I am able to free myself to update my blog again! As you guys know, my Boyfriend is back from China. This few days, I almost spend my time everyday with him, just like part of my plan ;)

My Boyfriend is used to play futsal with his friends every Sunday at Kepong. Today, I followed him to futsal court. As I remember, this was the second time for going there! :)
Around 2.15pm, his brother picked me up and fetched me along to futsal court. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

His brother with white cloth and his girlfriend with pink shirt :)
Well, they are sweet too and Baby kinda envy them.

When reached there, Baby changed his new shoes!

This is his current profile picture and was taken by Cintan Mian! :D

They were divided into 3 groups. Every match was 10 minutes and the team which is lose will come out and the winner would be continued playing with the other team :)

Rest timeeeeeee! So called girlfriend's time too ;)
I said he is fat; he said that are muscle :O
Anyway, I love his cute little short pony tail. MUAHAHAHAHAH! 

I'm Canon user larh and Baby is Sony user!
Guess what, that shoes that I wearing was my mum's. She bought it since 10 or 20 years ago but it still fine.
Cool! Now my turn to wear it ;)

Baby's new shoes! :)

He said that the shoes is very awesome and he loves it very much! :)

On Monday, Baby didn't went for work. He asked me to have lunch together.
Guess what, we invited my mum to have lunch together and my mum agreed! Well, I guess this was the first time we have our lunch together :p
We went to 333 restaurant. When having our lunch, we tried to find topic to chat. Well, actually I knew that mummy was trying hard to entertain Baby. No worries, my mum is very friendly and she won't make you bored :D

After had our lunch, I accompanied Baby to buy a pair of slipper. He left his slipper at Shang Hai, China for his roommate. Awwww! xD
Then, I took my laptop and went to his house. We took some creative photos too ;)

On Tuesday, Baby had to work. After work, he said wanna come over my house and he brought something for me form his stall.
At first he was kinda hesitate because I told him that my dad was at home and I scared daddy would say something unhappy or what.
But lastly, he came too.
Very unexpected, my mum asked whether want to stay and have dinner together. Baby and I were kinda happy of  this, but I guess I was happier than him, cause it seemed like my parent accepted him already! :D

After dinner, we sat in the garden and played with Hubble. Baby stayed quite long time in my house, almost until 10pm something, then his friends came and fetched him out for the second round.

On Wednesday, I went out with Baby and his friends.

 On the way out :)

I love his big big hannnnnnd! <3

Kacau kacau when he was driving :p

Before met them up, we went to Digi Center, which was located at the opposite of Jusco, to ask about the promotion for Iphone 4. 
After asking, we just knew that Iphone 4 was currently out of stock :O
So rich hor, many are using it now. tsk tsk tsk

We met up with his friends at One Utama. After buying movie tickets, the guys started to grab for CNY clothes, except Baby. He prefered to play with Cintan Mian HA!

 Don't simply cucuk my camera lens larh! D:

The gentlemen :)


Cintan Mian, Baby and I :)
Without Maggie Mian, didn't look like a family D:

Look here look here look here
Why you didn't look at me :(

We watched The Tourist, playing by Angelina Jolie and Johnny Deep.
In the movie, Angelina Jolie was so pretty and everyone is attracted by her beauty :O
After watching movie, we just went home. And guess what, Baby came to my house and had dinner again! :D
Baby left his car at his house first, then we walked together to my house :)

On the way to my house :)

My mummy knew that he is a vegetarian, so she purposely cooked a small bowl or 'tau fu' with mushroom.
Thank you mummyyyyyyyy! :D

Jeremy in my house, oh yeaaaa ;)

Baby went home around 10pm something, cause he was quite tired.
I could really understand the tiredness - worked yesterday, needed to drive for whole day and long journey too. 
I want to learn to drive well after get my car, so that I can drive for him whenever he is tired. I don't want him to be too tired because of me, cause I very sayang him :(

Wonderful Night! <3

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