26 January 2011


I think most girls love to use some software to edit their photos right? Just like Photoshop, Picasa, Picnik, Flickr and etc.
Well, so I am too! I must edit my photos before I upload it. Normally I will just adjust the colour tuning, add some effects and retouch the pimples :D
Err, not too over right? LOL!

I saw some of my friends are pro in editing their photos. They make their photos with vintage effect and I really love it so muchhh! But the software that I'm using now doesn't have the effect.
Anyway, I'm so lucky! I asked Jiayi which software she is using now. She suggested me one China software and they have those effects that I have been looking for since long time ago!

The name of the software is 美图秀秀! Kinda weird I know, but it is so useful! :D

The most attracted me is it really have many effects! LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Well, actually damn easy to get it. Just go to Google and key in 美图秀秀, then you will found their official site. They have many files there, I choose the newest file, maybe the applications inside is more updated! :D
Free-download! So, don't need to be worry :)

Here is some pics that I edited by using it :

 Baby boy and I! 

Baby looks so sexyyyyy here! I think he will kill me if he saw it. I'M SORRY BABY! ><

LOMO effect!

I think I love this the most! I love the orange effect on my lips :p

I'm not good in editing larh actually! ><
But for those who really like to edit their photos, you guys should try out this! :D
I just can't stop recommending it. ARGHH!

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Monster said...

im downloding after ur blog :D:D

Eugene ! said...

fuhhh! How is it? Is it okayyyy? :Da