12 January 2011

Copy Cat D:

This post will be kinda short, just one new exploration from Jipaban ;)

As you guys know, Jipaban is a place for on9 shopping and it is from Singapore.
Well, let's start the story.
Just now I felt kinda boring, so I just went Jipaban to see some beautiful and nice nice clothes. LOL!
I had some thought when looking at those photos - Hell, its time to shop for CNY clothes!! :D
I was quite poor now, so let's forget about it D:

Suddenly, I saw one pretty bag and after I enlarged that image, I found that ..

These was what I saw from Jipaban.
It is trueeeeeee okay?!
I don't lie, because my baby asked me not to lie :D

I bought this bag from one of my friend who is doing on9 selling, and I got it on 27 of December 2010 :)

The price selling on Jipaban is RM112.03, but I got it with only RM40 including the tax etc
The design mostly alike.
The one which selling on Jipaban is made by leather, maybe, but mine is made by some kind of PVC - that's the only difference.

I was so surprise when I saw this! :D
But for sure, the bag selling on Jipaban has batter quality than mine since it is much more expensive than mine.

The day is closer and closer.

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