06 January 2011


I think I should turn my blog into Movie Blog :D
Movie time again peeps!

Oh well, what will you think about when I tell you about Lolita?
I think you guys will think about the Gothic and Victorian clothing, am I right?
Actually, the Lolita that I want to tell now is an old movie named Lolita and is produced based on the novel Lolita.

This movie was quite long time ago and I knew this movie from newspaper.
I think this movie had been banned in many countries because it contained sexual elements and the relationships between the characters was so complicated and ridiculous.

At the beginning of the story, Humbert Humbert, who is a professor, wants to rent a house at Ramsdale, New Hamsphire and spends his summer there. Here comes a sexually frustrated and bluesy widow named Charlotte Haze invites him to stay in her house. At first, he declines to stay there until he meets Charlotte's 14-year-old daughter, Dolores ( Lolita ).

This is Lolita when Humbert first meet her.
So sexy, no wonder Humbert will fall in love with her.

Charlotte wants to be closer with Humbert, so she sends Lolita to a camp and after that, she writes a letter to Humbert, confessing her love towards him.
Humpert decides to marry her so that he can continue staying with Lolita.

Things boil over when Charlotte discovers Humbert’s diary entries detailing his passion for Lolita and characterizing herself as "the Haze cow, the noxious mama, the brainless baba".
She has an hysterical outburst and, while Humbert hurriedly fixes martinis in the kitchen to smooth over the situation, she runs outside, gets hit by a car and dies.

Humbert drives to Camp Climax to pick up Lolita, who doesn't yet know her mother is dead. That night at a hotel, a stranger insinuates himself upon Humbert and keeps steering the conversation to his "beautiful little daughter," who is asleep upstairs.
Humbert escapes the man's advances, and Humbert and Lolita enter into a sexual relationship. The two commence an odyssey across the United States, traveling from hotel to motel. In public, they act as father and daughter. After several days, Humbert tells Lolita that her mother is not sick in a hospital, as he had previously told her, but dead.

When Lolita is trying to seduce Humbert on the bed.

In the fall, Humbert reports to his position at Beardsley College, and enrolls Lolita in high school there.
Before long, people begin to wonder about the relationship between father and his over-protected daughter. Humbert worries about her involvement with the school play and with male classmates.

He soon realizes they are being followed by a mysterious car that never drops away but never quite catches up.
When Lolita becomes sick, he takes her to the hospital. However, when he returns to pick her up, she is gone.
The nurse there tells him she left with another man claiming to be her uncle and Humbert, devastated, is left without a single clue as to her disappearance or whereabouts.

Lolita and her stepfather, Humbert.

Some years later, Humbert receives a letter from Lolita. She writes that she is now married and pregnant and in desperate need of money. Humbert travels to their home.
Humbert demands that she tell him who kidnapped her three years earlier. She tells him it was Clare Quilty, the man that was following them, who is a famous playwright. Lolita herself carried on an affair with him and left with him when he promised her glamor. However, he then demanded she join his depraved lifestyle, including acting in his pornographic films.

In the movie, Lolita likes to sit like that.
But can't deny that she is really pretty and her body is nice :O

Humbert begs Lolita to leave her husband and come away with him, but she declines.
Humbert gives Lolita $13,000, explaining that it's hers from the sale of her mother's house, and leaves to shoot Quilty in his mansion.

Seriously, the shooting scene is the most funniest part that I ever watched. ROFLMAO!
Watched it then you will know why I said so! :D
About the ending of the story, I haven't watched it. I'm gonna wait for my Darlinn and we'll gonna watch together! ;)

Actually I watched this movie on Youtube, but so hard to understand is since the sound effect not really nice and don't have subtitle too. So, gonna borrow the VCD from someone else.

Overall, the movie is .. err .. I don't know? Just all the scenes very weird and ridiculous. How come a daughter and a stepfather have sex and kiss like a couple?! Really OMG ><
Even though there is a saying, age is not a problem in a relationship., but I still can't accept this.
ps: just part of my opinion larh :)

If you guys really interested, really can watch it on Youtube or download it will be much more better :)
And and and! this is not a pornographic movie, seriously, please don't misunderstand :(

"DON'T TOUCH ME! I will die if you touched me."

The weather is getting better :)

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