02 January 2011


What types of movie you do like to watch?
Action movies which are high octane and fights? Historical films which are created to reflect the time period? Horror movies which expose our fears and give a rise in nightmares?

Well. for me, I like to watch all types of movie, unless it won't be too bored HEH! :p
Now, I would like to introduce you guys a thriller movie named Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer.
This movie is produced based on a novel Perfume.

The movie is telling about an olfactory genius and his homicidal quest for the perfect scent.
The story is beginning with his abandonment at birth in a French fish market. Raised in an orphanage, Grenouille grows into a strangely detached boy with a superhuman sense of smell.

After growing to maturity as a tanner's apprentice, he makes his first delivery to Paris, where he revels in the new odors. He focuses on a girl selling plums and startles her with his behavior.
To prevent her from crying out, he covers the girl's mouth and unintentionally suffocates her. After realizing that she is dead, he strips her body naked and smells her until the scent fades.
Afterwards, Grenouille becomes haunted by the desire to preserve a woman's scent forever.

This Grenouillle when he was still a baby.
A little boy wanted to touch his face but suddenly his held his finger and started to smell it.

When he was a kid.

The girls that murdered by him normally are virgins.
This is because there is some smell on their bodies which are very attractive.
In fact I don't really understand how he gets their smell from them.
All I knew was after he killed them, he applied the pig oil on their bodies and got their sweat. He used their sweat and produced the perfumes.

At the end of the movie, Grenouille has enough perfume to rule the world, but has discovered that it will not allow him to love or be loved like a normal person.
Disenchanted by his aimless quest and tired of his life, he returns to Paris. Back in the city, Grenouille returns to the fish market where he was born and dumps the perfume on his head.
Overcome by the scent and in the belief that Grenouille is an angel, the nearby crowd devours him. The next day, all that is left are his clothes and the open perfume bottle, from which one final drop of perfume falls.

As conclusion, Grenouille was eaten by the devours at the end of the story. How scary .___.

Do you still dare to use perfume? :)
Maybe it is made by using virgin's sweat..

"Why did you kill my daughter?"
"I just needed her."

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