08 January 2011


Seriously, I really miss my secondary school life.
After graduated, I just realized that how hard to find a job in this competitive world :(
For those who are still in secondary, don't ever hate your school life and enjoy it! :D

Some of my friends work as promoter in shopping mall.
Some of them work as tutor or teacher in tuition center or kindergarten or maybe primary school.
Some of them really very lucky because just stay at home and eat-sleep-play -.-

I just ask me mum, "You and daddy don't mind if I sit at home whole day and don't work?"
My mum said, "We sure don't mind! We never ask you to ask for part time job. But if you really want to work, then just go ahead."
Oh god, I misunderstand them! :O
I always thought that they sure will mad at me if I didn't work.

I have been jobless since after SPM until now, really lifeless you know?!
And my weight is gaining, I don't know there are still some people claimed that I'm thinner
I think you guys really long time didn't see me adi HAH!
Anyway, I went for interview today and tomorrow will be my first day of work, but just trial ><
I don't mind if the salary is low, I just don't want to waste my time :)

2 weeks more, my Baby Boy gonna come back to me!
He is having exam for this moment, but I just can't be with him and give him supports beside :(
All I can do are take good care of myself well so that he can concentrate on exam and pray hard for him every night :)
I know I'm very ah sam, but I really hope you can do well in your exam and everything goes smoothly.

Darlinn, be patient okay?! 14 days more only!
I know our date will be lesser since we both have work, but I will try my best to spend more time with you okay? :)
And I'll remember to bring enough money on our first date and most important is DO NOT LATE right?! :D

You this little-bad-naughty-evil-cutie-piggie! I love you so much you know?! *hit on your ass*
I'm waiting for you babyyyyyy!! <3

I will sit there and wait patiently
ps: without cigarette

Home coming
Back to me :)

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