25 February 2011

Présent :)

I'm a not-so-efficient recently, I don't know because of my laziness, or I have nothing to blog about.
Well, I think both of them LOL!

So what is this post about? TADAAA! It's my valentine's present. I know you guys are sick of it, so you can skip this post, but I do really like the present that he gave to me, that's why I wanna share it out. SHARING IS CARING OKAY?! :p

 Back to topic. After received my present my Boyfriend, I was so damn curious what inside was, because I was able to smell something good was coming from inside the box. HEH! My nose is as sensitive as a dog LOL! >< 

This is how did I look like after receiving his present. Hell, smiling like a "beach" ._.

I was so unwilling to open the present, because it was to nice and cuteeee! My sister asked me did I need her to open for me. I looked for her a second, then I quickly I ran into my room with my present. NO WAY! :(

Time to open the present! :D

This is how it looks like on the upper view - just like a flower :D

And guess what are inside of this bottle?

Oh yea, dry roses! No wonder it smells so good larh. But seriously, I can't stop smelling it, I think I'm addicted to it adi. Would it bad for our nose? o.o

The full body photo! Boyfriend said he hope my room will place something like this, that's why he bought this to me! :p

I put it beside of my bed, so that I can look it anytime. Every morning once I open my eyes, I saw it, it reminds me of you :)

Anyway, this silly Boyfriend forgot about the price sticker and left it inside the box and I SAW IT!
The price is .. ALA! Who cares about the price larh :p
The love and caring that he gives me the are priceless, why I should ask more about it? :)

Hey hey hey, me likey that present larh baby, really! :D
Every time I wanna tell you this, but I keep on forgetting about this. SHORT MEMORY! :(

Thank you dear! *hugsssssss*  

Marry you :)

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