01 March 2011


Recently I have to make a lot of decisions - Which college to go? Which course to take? and etc.
I have to really clear my mind and think carefully, so that I will not do any wrong decisions or regret on it someday. OMG, so stress larh dei :(

First question : Which college I should go?

Well, in fact, I already decide which course to study. Yeap, interior design! I don't know whether this is the correct decision, but I think I should choose something that I really interested; I don't care whether I can find any work in the future D:
My thought is choose something that you really like, at least you can study happily :D

Back to topic, two colleges to choose here - PJCAD and The One Academy

I did some research on some design colleges too like PRATIQUE, Saito and so on, but my family don't really agree me to study there. There's few reasons - The places are like small training canter and my mum is afraid that no lecturer teaching there; beside, they are afraid that the certificates are not approved by the others.
So, their opinion are choose some well-known college, at least the lecturers are experienced and more guarantee :)


They aren't a big campus, but they are one of the campus of INTI :)
PJCAD is located in the heart of the bustling city of Petaling Jaya is served by a good network of public transportation, the nearest Light Rail Transit (LRT) station at Asia Jaya is just 5 minutes walk from the College.
Cafes and restaurants, shopping centers, banks and financial institutions are all within the vicinity of the college. Other nearby facilities includes a public swimming pool, sports complexes, the Petaling Jaya Library, and hostels.

The course fees here is kinda cheap too, it is around 40k for 3 years and divides into 6 semesters. The only thing that I'm not sure of it - they have more on practical or assignment?
For me, I prefer more on practical! I hate assignment ._.

PJCAD is just beside to PJ Hilton. Consider as far?

What I love about this college are the course fees is affordable and public transports are provided! :)

The One Academy

Nice night viewww! :D

The One Academy is located at Bandar Sunway. Well, actually it is kinda far from my house and I'm not sure is there any public transports can reach there. I can't imagine if someday my car broke down, how I'm going to go to my school D: 
And of course, the facilities are better than PJCAD since their campus is bigger and kinda near to Sunway Pyramid. Woww, rich kia all around ._.
Just pray hard that I won't be affected by them, then finally become money-minded and materialistic. 

The course fees are more expensive than PJCAD, around 46k. Hey, is much more cheaper than my sister. My parent almost spent 80k on my sister, just the course fees for 3 years. OMG! but luckily, she can study well, better than me okayy?! :(

Ignore the red box! Spot The One Academy on the map?

What I like bout this college is they are more on practical, almost 70% are practical work! :)
Oh yea, I hope there's public transport to reach there, but probably have it, right?

Give some opinions? I'm still considering about it and really hard to decide. ARGH!
I hope I can be more decisive :( 

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